Design and Modeling / Robotics

Robotics Team won 1st place in Core Value!

 Robotics Team won 1st place in Core Values.  


Students use their problem solving skills to build an innovation project in our Robotics class. 


Students work towards the mastery of the ISTE standards to meet 21st century skills. Throughout the course students are focusing on the design and engineering process to create computer models and student-created prototypes.  Students engage in engineering skills including: orthographic, isometric, and multi-view sketching, creating 3-D computer models using Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs, problem solving skills by developing prototypes that meet required criteria and constraints all while collaborating with other engineering students.  Students utilize these skills to create a 3D printed water conservation project that showcases their ability to apply the engineering and design process to a real life problem.  Hollencrest was the winner of the Water Engineering 4 Good Middle School Competition.


In the Robotics class, students are engaged in a dynamic learning experience that goes beyond traditional education. They begin the year by mastering block coding using Lego Spike Prime, which serves as a strong foundation for their understanding of automation and robotics. Through the Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Vex IQ program, students are taking their knowledge to the next level. This program not only deepens their understanding of automation but also allows them to apply their skills in a hands-on and practical manner. The curriculum focuses on teaching students about mechanisms and the intricate relationship between engineering and automation. As they work on various projects, students are not just learning about robotics but are actively participating in the process of designing, building, and programming robots.