Hollencrest Middle School's Theatre Program aims to introduce students to theatre concepts in both performance and theatre technology. By providing a challenging curriculum with professional instruction, equipment, master artists, and field trips, students will come out of middle school with an understanding and appreciation of the roles in theatre and a variety of skills to help them in their everyday lives.


Help grow our program! Donations help cover production costs, competition fees, field trip costs, new equipment, and so many more opportunities for our students to participate and learn about theatre. You can donate by clicking this link: or scanning the QR code below. 


News & Updates

Get ready for Hollencrest Middle School's Spring Play, "A Trip to the Moon"! Please save the date to support the hard work of our theatre students! Scan the QR code below or click here to buy tickets:

Set in the transformative summer of 1969, A Trip to the Moon tells the story of people reaching for their dreams…dreams of love, dreams of equality, dreams of the stars. Told around the time of the moon landing, this vignette-style play is comprised of 8 scenes, each named after an iconic song from 1969. From a girl trying to convince her parent to let her go to Woodstock in “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” to a woman trying to get a job at NASA in “Bad Moon Rising,” to a soldier giving the new guy a reality check in “Fortunate Son,” to a group of protestors showing a girl how to fight for what’s right in “Come Together,” these scenes and more use humor and heart to teach us about who we once were and reflect on who we could be and remind us that to achieve the impossible, we must reach for the stars.

Skills Students Will Learn





Public Speaking

Attention to Detail





Student Learning Opportunities

Acting Showcases (Monologues, Scenes, Improv)

Technical Design Showcases

Spring Play

Student Matinee Field Trips

Theatre Competitions

Master Artist Workshops

Theater Club

Hollencrest Middle School offers the opportunity to perform, design, and crew school productions. Rehearsals/Meetings take place after school and are a great opportunity for students to explore and apply the skills they are learning in somewhere other than just the classroom. Check out News & Updates below to see what productions we have coming up!